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We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.


R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. provides a customised range of products as per customer requirements, the height of the racking system may go upto 25 -30 feet but depends on the material handling equipment reach capacity and the customer location location
A single standalone R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. heavy duty storage rack with multiple loading levels is considered as one bay in a racking system and it may include a starter and a add-on which is sharing their upright columns which helps to reduce cost and increase cost
Selection of racking systems is determined by various parameters, such as warehouse KPIs, space availability, SKUs specification, operations suitability, selectivity and stock rotation targets. R.S.Steelage experts are fully-equipped to conduct the free consultation and detailed analysis to answer all your queries.
In UDL system, the total material load is spread evenly across the entire storage racks loading level. (Totes, Bins).In Point Load, the total weight is concentrated on specific points in the area. R.S.Steelage first understand about the needs of the consumer what weight capacity is required by the customer and then we customise racks according to the customer so that we can have a proper UDL
R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. provide Pallet rack which is customized as per customer requirements. At one loading level, it can take up to 4 tons and you can check the feasibility for your operations with our R.S.Steelage expert team.
R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of decking options, like MS solid panels, perforated panels, punched panels, GI mesh decking, MDF decks, etc.
Yes, it is possible in R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. storage racks. As explained earlier, hybrid storage system can be designed and installed as per customer requirements
Yes, seismic zones play a crucial role in warehousing. Different zones require different tolerances and racking design. If your warehouse lies within a high seismic zone, check with R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. Storage experts for more details specific to your project location.
Every R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. Storage racking system is designed to take a specific load. You can check the same in the initial blueprint provided by us or in the load capacity signage boards. In case of non-availability or any mislaying of these, please confirm the weight with R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. Storage.
Aisle requirement is determined by material handling equipment and SKU size. (Assumption: Standard Euro pallet)
Stacker: 2.8 to 3.0 mt.
Reach Truck: 3.0 to 3.4 Mt.
Double Deep Reach Truck: 3.2 to 3.6 mt.
Fork Lift Truck: 3.2 mt. to 4.5 mt.
Articulated Truck: 2.0 mt to 2.4 mt.
VNA: 1.8 mt. to 2.4 mt.
R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. Racking base plates exert tremendous pressure on the floor below. A concrete floor can absorb this pressure. Care should be taken that the constructed floor can bear racking and material weight, and is also strong enough to anchor the storage racks.
For palletised loads, you can use R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. Storage’s Drive In Racking or Shuttle Racking System. For smaller size SKUs/ items, you can select our multi-tier system. You can also have hybrid system of pallet racking and shelving for optimum storage and operations. For the best solution, get in touch with R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. experts.
R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. offers one of the fastest installation services in the industry. The exact time can be calculated upon understanding the actual size of the project and your on-going operations. Before commencing installation,R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. project management experts will provide a project execution chart that has been created in collaboration with the customer’s needs. We try and ensure minimum disruption in on-going warehouse or manufacturing operations.
R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. provides customized solutions in pallet racking and shelving such as multi-tier system enables you to use most of the height available in your warehouse and the Maximum Fork Height (MFH) of your material handling equipment.
The prices vary depending upon the exact solution offered to our customers. Every project is customized to best suit the customer storage and operational requirements, hence, it is difficulty to arrive at the standard price. Contact R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. Storage experts for an accurate estimate.
R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. provids regular racking inspection helps identify components which need to be repaired or replaced. It gives a detailed report of rack or shelf damage and fitment issues. It is an excellent way to identify any safety breach and prevent accidents.
R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. advice that your warehouse should conduct rack inspection every 4 to 6 months. In case you notice any physical damage, the rack material should be unloaded and discarded immediately. Report the incident to racking system suppler.
No, it is not. However, R.S.Steelage Pvt. Ltd. advised to get your racks inspected regularly for safe and better warehouse operations.